Who is Neil Patel?

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Today I would like to introduce to you Neil Patel, a world’s top online marketing authority.

He gets over 1 million visitors a month just by blogging all without spending a dime on ads.

He started his entrepreneurial journey at just 16-years-old and did not know anything about blogging until he found few entrepreneur mentors helped to show him the ropes. Then, a few years later he was already running a 7-figure business, all while he was still in school. He made really good income and achieve the financial freedom all through the internet.

Since then, he has been helping people achieve massive success through the internet. He has gone on to build four multi-million dollar businesses, and his blogs receive over 2 million unique visitors a month.

To top if off, he has helped companies like Amazon, Facebook, NBC, HP, Microsoft, eBay, and many more grow their revenues and traffic.

If you would like to know more about Neil Patel go check him out at http://neilpatel.com

Since I have subscribed his material I have gain insights on many internet marketing tips and tools.

Neil generously shares tactics and action steps for building successful blogs.

I strongly believe Neil is is an honest simple guy who is passionate about helping others succeed.

I just received an email from him where he is willing to share his tactics to increase visitors called
1,000,000 Visitors a Month and Counting: How to Create a Blog That Doesn’t Suck!
all without spending a single dime on ads.

If you would also like to get help from Neil why don’t you go check out his website at


Please do remember to subscribe his newsletter.

All the best to your blogging journey to achieve 1 Million visitor per month.

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